About Us

Unicorn Financial Services was established in 2011 by Patrick Tan with Kevin Wilkinson, Robin Tan and Chua Hui Xin, with the clear purpose to provide clients with authentic, personalized, holistic financial plans. This team continues to steer the company today with exactly the same clear purpose… and the same clear understanding that each one of our clients requires dedicated, unique and individual care, because each one of our clients is a treasured member of the Unicorn family.

At Unicorn, we are united in our belief that everyone needs not just a financial plan, not just a healthcare plan, not just a career plan, but an authentically holistic LIFE PLAN.

We believe that each one of us can live with the freedom to pursue our own choices.  We work with each client to understand their circumstances, their relationships, their worries, and their goals.  In this way we can build, together with them, their own unique blueprint, for them to achieve financial independence and the freedom to live the life that they choose.

Please do contact us anytime so that we can work with you to create your authentic, holistic, financial life plan. We look forward to getting to know you!

Our Leadership

Patrick Tan Kuan Kher,

Patrick is a passionate leader who cares about the people around him. He is also a student of life. From a humble family background, enjoying nature and warm family ties in kampong society, Patrick has grown to take responsibility as a leader in many arenas: family, army, society and work.

Patrick was called to financial planning by his desire to provide for his family. This calling has evolved to become a passion and unwavering commitment to serve society by providing authentic financial planning for clients and friends until today.

Patrick believes that the value of a true financial planner comes from sincerity within the planner’s heart to continue to learn and progress as a student of life so as to be able to give a constantly improving service to clients. He says “There should be no stagnation in life; without pursuing excellence a person will digress from goodness”.

As Chairman, Patrick sees Unicorn as his family and treats everyone, without exception, as a family member. Consultants, office staff, kitchen staff and clients alike all are given his genuine and heartfelt care and concern as Patrick seeks to add value to each one of them in their Health, Relationships and Wealth.

Robin Tan Kuan Hong,
Managing Director

Robin is an exceptional professional – a highly experienced financial planning specialist and skilled in investment risk management planning. Formerly a key investing committee member at a major local financial institution. Robin led a team that advised individual investors with a total of S$150 million under management through the crisis from 2007 to 2010, during which time total assets under advice continued to grow.

As Head of Professional Practice and Development at Unicorn, Robin likens his role to that of a parent. “I hold the same hopes for Unicorn that I do for my son. I think it is very important for Unicorn to have a healthy balance sheet so that it can deliver on its promises over the long term. But it is more important that Unicorn profits in a wholesome way – by contributing to society.” he says. “Unicorn is not a destination, but a journey. We do not merely want to create men of commercial success, but rather to stand out as an organisation of value.”

“As a leader, it is imperative for me to expect more of myself than I do of my consultants. That’s why I focus on grooming our planners to success – ‘success’ being defined as how many people’s lives are made better by interaction with our planners. After all, we are a private enterprise in the business of public service”.

Chua Hui Xin,
Executive Director

Hui Xin graduated with a business major degree from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She went on to become a certified accountant, passing the ACCA exam ranking 13th in Singapore and 37th worldwide.

Hui Xin embarked on a highly successful career and soon became Regional Finance Manager of a large MNC. But a meeting with Unicorn’s Chairman, Patrick Tan, in 2008 proved to be enlightening: “I realised that I had thought life was simply about working and chasing after fame and power”, she says. Instead, Hui Xin discovered that the real route to success was quite different but amazingly simple – real fulfilment came from helping others, and her mentor showed her that that’s what real financial planners do.

“When it comes to planning, a blueprint based on the individual is important and not just a mathematical blueprint. The blueprint that Unicorn creates for clients is a blueprint built around the totality of the individual, their health and relationships as well as their wealth and financial well-being. This is a unique approach, stemming from a sincere wish to be of as much help to the client as possible. The benefit that the client gets is enormous.”

“Wealth without health is very incomplete, almost useless. I used to tell anyone offering to do a mathematical plan for me, “I don’t need it because I am an accountant.” What I really needed was someone genuinely concerned for me, who understands about life in the round and would incorporate health and relationships into a blueprint which includes financial advice and strategic planning….If our life is worth living, it is worth planning for life.”

Kevin Wilkinson,
Director Mentor
Honorary Managing Director

Kevin has a wealth of experience, accumulated over five decades in the finance industry. He has lived and worked in Singapore for over 25 years, first as the head of a British private bank and later taking the reins as Chief Executive Officer of a local financial institution, before establishing Unicorn with the rest of the leadership team in 2011.

It was with Unicorn that Kevin had the great pleasure of fulfilling one of his life’s great ambitions to build a truly great personal financial advisory company with authenticity at its heart. Throughout his years in Unicorn, he was extremely proud to be part of a practice that built on sincere, lifelong relationships, tailor-making financial advice that genuinely suited for each and every client.

At the same time, he was realistic about his own hopes and expectations for the company and clear about his priorities in running the business. He says, “We know we can’t be perfect in our foresight and advice, but we can control our attitude and behaviour: our commitment to looking after our clients diligently is fundamental to our business.”

Asked what yardstick he would take in measuring the future success of the company, his answer is uncompromisingly firm: “We shall never measure our success just by our bottom line. The success of a financial advisory business like ours is best demonstrated by clients being genuinely well-served by trustworthy consultants”.

Kevin is now a non-executive director in the company.

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