Financial Planning Services

A good blueprint will help you see clearly where you now are and how best to get to where you want to be, financially speaking. It’s a road map for your financial independence journey. We all need one!

Unicorn can provide you with such a blueprint, help you implement it, and adjust it as you, or the circumstances around you, change. We do this via our team of highly trained professional consultants. Every Unicorn consultant is mentored and supervised closely. And all of our consultants benefit from our constantly evolving training programmes, which keep them at the forefront of the financial advisory profession.

All of the wide array of financial solutions and services that we offer are available as required for each and every one of our clients…. From financial education and coaching, to advising a portfolio of managed funds, to appropriate insurance,  to securities advice, to various complimentary referral services, including mortgage services and will writing.

The Planning Process

While the key steps in the Unicorn Financial Planning Process are laid out here, most important to keep in mind is that our financial planning process is an ongoing collaboration between you and your Unicorn consultant…

From your initial meetings with your consultant, he or she builds a clear and detailed picture of your current financial position: your income, outflows, assets, liabilities and commitments. This is a crucial step that requires you to disclose as much as possible to your trusted advisor, who will then undertake a thorough and detailed analysis. The aim is to build a whole picture of your financial position in the context of your life and circumstances. The more detailed the picture, the more appropriate your plan and our recommendations will be.

Our consultants charge a fee for the work that they do to build your financial plan. In keeping with our authentic and personalized approach to working with each of our clients, our fees are calculated on the basis of the value enhancement that we create for you and the amount of time and resources that your consultant has dedicated to building your plan. This is clearly explained and agreed with you at this stage of the financial planning process.

Your consultant draws up a draft of your tailor-made plan to discuss with you. This draft creates the opportunity for both you and your consultant to check that we have properly understood and interpreted what you have told us about yourself. Your consultant explains the analysis we have conducted and the conclusions we have come to. These conclusions inform the preliminary recommendations that we make for you.

Unicorn always takes a collaborative approach with our clients. We don’t tell you what you must do because we know that our clients will only feel comfortable implementing their financial plan if they are fully involved in its crafting. We discuss the draft of your financial plan with you so that we can agree together that this is a road map that really suits you, and to which you feel comfortable to commit. Once agreed, we assist you with all the practical and administrative steps required to implement your plan too.

Even after we have built your roadmap with you, we will continue to meet regularly with you. We pride ourselves on the depth of our client relationships and regard our clients as family. A key part of our service and commitment to clients is that we accompany you on your whole financial independence journey. So we will keep in regular touch and, when required, refer back to your blueprint to check that it’s remains accurate and that implementation is on schedule. As your life unfolds, we will update your plan together with you.