IBF-Accredited Programme 2

Learn Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business...

Social Media Marketing


In this course, you'll learn:

1. Understand consumer journey and how digital and social media plays a role in the customer journey

2. Learn the G-M-H-T 4 steps process to crafting a social media strategy, and the concept of micro-moments

3. Use content strategy as a way to tell a consistent, cohesive story about your brand

4. Learn about Facebook Campaign, ad set and managing campaigns with Facebook Business Manager.

5. Conduct social media audit and re-optimise ads based on key measurement metrics and generate better results.

6. Get hands-on practice in developing a Social Media Marketing calendar filled with engaging content.

Course Dates:

Class Code Duration of Training Timing Schedules Singaporeans aged 40 & above Singaporeans aged 21-39 & PRs
SMM003F 3 Days 9am - 6pm

29 Jan, 9 Feb, 12 Feb

(OA 12 Feb)

S$321 S$642
SMM005F 3 Days 9am - 6pm

19 Mar, 26 Mar, 2Apr

(OA 2 Apr)

S$321 S$642
SMM006N 7 Nights 6.45pm -10.15pm

21 Feb, 23 Feb, 25 Feb, 28 Feb, 2 Mar, 4 Mar 

(OA 7 Mar)

S$321 S$642
SMM007F 3 Days 9am- 6pm

23 Apr, 30 Apr, 7 May

S$321 S$642
SMM008N 3 Days 9am- 6pm

6 Apr, 7 Apr, 8 Apr

S$321 S$642
SMM009F 3 Days 9am- 6pm

21 May, 28 May, 4 Jun

S$321 S$642
SMM010N 7 Nights 6.45pm -10.15pm
12 Apr, 14 Apr, 19 Apr, 21 Apr, 26 Apr, 28 Apr, 5 May
S$321 S$642


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