IBF-Accredited Programme 2

Learn Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Business...

Social Media Marketing


In this course, you'll learn:

1. The Role of Social Media for Brands and Consumers in Today's Omnichannel Environment

  • Understanding  the consumer journey and the role that social media plays
  • Comparing both traditional and digital channels
  • Introducing the G-M-H-T 4-step process to crafting a social media strategy

2. Evaluate different Social Media platforms and Identify Brand and Conversion Objectives

  • Overview of today's digital landscape and social media platforms
  • Identify both brand and conversion objectives for social media
  • Conduct social media audits to identify gaps and opportunities

3. Develop a Product/Brand Positioning and Content Framework for Social Media

  • Introduce the content framework and its components for social media
  • Craft a compelling social media proposition for your brand/product
  • Identify content pillars and segments for your content framework

4. Create Compelling Content and Campaign Ideas for Social Media with Evaluation of Risks

  • Storytelling on social media
  • Evaluating risk and identifying crisis scenarios
  • Creating content and campaigns for social media

5. Setup and Optimize Audience-Building Tools and Social Media Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for Maximum Results and ROI

  • Introduction to social media metrics, paid media strategies and audience building tools on Facebook
  • Walkthrough of Facebook Ad Manager

6. Evaluate and measure social media success

  • Introduction to measurement frameworks and attribution models

Course Schedule:

Duration of Training Timing Schedules Full Course Fee Singaporeans aged 40 & above Singaporeans aged 21-39 & PRs
3 Days 9am- 6pm

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S$1,744 w/ GST

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(Company* Sponsored)

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1. OA refers to Oral Assessment.
2. *Companies eligible to submit claims for company-sponsored participants include Singapore-based financial Institutions regulated by MAS (licensed or exempt from licensing by MAS) andFinTech firms certified by Singapore FinTech Association (Terms and Conditions apply). SkillsFuture Credit cannot be used to co-fund the programme fees of company-sponsored training programmes.

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