Why Clients Choose Us


Our premises are distinct, cosy and family-oriented

We own our offices and have furnished each location with its own distinct style, making them appealing to clients of all backgrounds and tastes.

The one common similarity? Every location invokes a warm and cosy, family-like atmosphere that’s perfect for discussions and in-depth financial planning. And there’s always plenty of home-cooked food and drinks available. After all, it’s always more pleasant to chat when your tastebuds are happy!

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We offer financial education to clients

Our financial consultants provide personalised, 1-to-1 financial education to clients – helping them to understand the financial economy around them, alongside other financial planning essentials. Then our friends are equipped to control their financial well-being and make informed decisions about the protection, savings and investment mechanisms they use to reach their goals.

We also offer IBF-Accredited Training Programmes. IBF is the national accreditation and certification agency for financial industry competency in Singapore under the Skills Framework for Financial Services, which were developed in partnership with the industry. The purpose is to equip practitioners with capabilities to support Singapore's financial industry's growth and re-skill employees for expanded roles and opportunities in growth areas. For clients who are interested in gaining more profound knowledge are also welcome to join us.

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Our client base is built through word of mouth

We deliver a good experience. This is proven by the strong recommendations our clients give to their friends, colleagues and family. And, further proven by the fact that the majority of our consultants are former clients who wanted to deliver this good experience to others. Check out our Google Reviews.


We are financially strong

As financial advisers, we understand the importance of having strong and stable finances. We are proud that our organisation’s structure is financially stable and sustainable. We shall continue our prudent management of the company to ensure that it is there for our clients, way into the future – when those long-term decisions that clients made with our guidance about protection and wealth-building come to fruition.


Growing assets under advice and management

Our Assets Under Advice and Management totals over half a billion and continues to grow steadily. This significant number pays tribute to our strength in savings and investments, and highlights the trust our clients have placed in us over the years.