Our Offices Are Fully Owned. Here’s Why.

As a financial organisation, we believe in the financial value of owning our offices. Our offices are appreciating assets, and they also showcase our long-term commitment to thriving in a profession that often sees consultancies come and go.

Our first office was set up in Geylang, as the area represents the traditional values, culture and classic beauty that embodies Unicorn’s culture. As our reputation grew, so too did the number and reach of our offices.

As of today, we occupy 13 units along Geylang Road – each distinctly furnished to appeal to varied clientele.

Home-cooked food and beverages are readily available and are the commonly used environment in which meetings with friends and clients are held.

Red Olive Tea Lodge

  • 538 Geylang Rd, #02-10 The Arizon, Singapore 389493
  • A comfortable working space that’s open to all our consultants. The space is also used for training sessions, business unit meetings and other operations/training-related purposes.

Red Olive Club 1200

  • 538 Geylang Rd, #02-11 The Arizon, Singapore 389493
  • This meeting space is ideal for consultant and client meet-ups, with its beautiful English style décor and delicious menu. The locale also hosts many of our investment UIIS seminars and events.

Head Office

  • 510 Geylang Road, The Sunflower #03-03, Singapore 389466
  • A productivity-centric working space that’s home to our CPU department, including operations, finance, IT, media, CCT, CSS and compliance. This is where our teams get some of their best – and most focused work – done.

Red Olive Kampung Private Club

  • 662 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389592
  • This rustic locale is an ideal destination for consultants to host lunch and dinners as they meet up with clients. Our menu of homecooked food brings warm feelings to the hearts of everyone who visits. The space is also used for training sessions and private events.