Our Leadership

Unicorn’s leadership team consists of veterans in the profession who have over 100 years of financial advisory experience combined. They share a common vision that sets Unicorn apart from other financial institutions with unswerving dedication to building a professional practice that is built on integrity, honesty and trustworthiness, delivering genuine client care.

Patrick Tan Kuan Kher

Patrick is a passionate leader who cares about the people around him. He is also a student of life. Coming from humble family background, Patrick enjoys nature and the warm family ties prevalent during Singapore’s kampung communities. Patrick is a leader in many facets of his personal and professional life – in his family, the army, society, and in Unicorn.

Patrick was called to financial planning by his desire to provide for his family. This calling has evolved into a passion and unwavering commitment to serve society by providing authentic financial planning to clients and friends.

Robin Tan Kuan Hong
Managing Director

Robin is an exceptional professional - a highly experienced financial planning specialist who is skilled in investment risk management planning. Formerly a key investing committee member at a major local financial institution, Robin led a team that advised individual investors (with a total of S$150 million under management) through the financial crisis that spanned from 2007 to 2010 – during which his team’s total assets under advice continued to grow.

As MD at Unicorn, Robin likens his role to that of a parent.

“I hold the same hopes for Unicorn that I do for my son. I think it is very important for Unicorn to have a healthy balance sheet, so that it can deliver on its promises over the long term. But it is more important that Unicorn profits in a wholesome way – by contributing to society.

Unicorn is not a destination, but a journey. We do not merely want to create men of commercial success, but rather, to stand out as an organisation of value.

As a leader, it is imperative for me to expect more of myself than I do of our team members. That’s why I focus on grooming them for success – with “success” being defined as how many people’s lives have been made better, thanks to their interaction with Unicorn. After all, we are a private enterprise in the business of public service”.

Chua Hui Xin
Executive Director

Hui Xin graduated with a business degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She went on to become a certified accountant – excelling in her ACCA exam, where she ranked 13th in Singapore and 37th worldwide.

Hui Xin embarked on a highly successful career and soon became a Regional Finance Manager at a renowned MNC. But in 2008, a meeting with Unicorn’s Chairman, Patrick Tan, proved to be enlightening.

She reflects, “I thought life was simply about working and chasing after fame and power”. After the meeting, Hui Xin discovered that the real route to success was quite different, yet surprisingly simple – she realised that real fulfilment came from helping others, and she understood the fulfilment that financial consultants felt each and every day.

Tan Choon Kee

Choon Kee joined Unicorn Financial Solutions as an Accountant since its inception in 2011 after fulfilling her role as Head of Accounts Payable with GroupM Singapore (a subsidiary of WPP, listed in London).

A member of the senior management team, Choon Kee oversees the financial of the company. She gathers information and provides thorough assessments to the Executive Committee, and assists the Committee in making decisions by highlighting key issues and trends.

Choon Kee is also the guardian of Unicorn’s assets and an epitome of prudence in expenditure, policing the relevant controls as well as making sure that the checks and balances are in place. She has led Unicorn’s Accounts team to ensure the smooth running and processing of each activity to ensure all financial data that has been received from all departments are processed promptly and accurately into useful information for the preparation of the company’s financial statements.

Besides handling budgets and cash flow well, she is also adept at managing ad-hoc projects that implemented processes to improve quality and efficiency as well as to enhance internal control.

Kevin Wilkinson
Non-Executive Director,
Honorary Managing Director

Kevin has a wealth of experience, accumulated over five decades in the finance industry. He has lived and worked in Singapore for over 25 years, first as the head of a British private bank and later taking the reins as Chief Executive Officer of a local financial institution before establishing Unicorn with the rest of the leadership team in 2011.

It was with Unicorn that Kevin had had the great pleasure of fulfilling one of his life’s great ambitions: to build a truly great personal financial advisory company with authenticity at its heart. Throughout his years with Unicorn, he was extremely proud to be part of a practice that was built on sincere, lifelong relationships, tailor-making financial advice genuinely suited for each and every client.

At the same time, he was realistic about his own hopes and expectations for the company and clear about his priorities in running the business. He says, “We knew we couldn’t be perfect in our foresight and advice, but we could control our attitude and behaviour: our commitment to looking after our clients diligently was and remains fundamental to our business.”

Asked what yardstick he would take in measuring the future success of the company, his answer is uncompromisingly firm, “We shall never measure our success just by our bottom line. The success of a financial advisory business like ours is best demonstrated by clients being genuinely well-served by trustworthy consultants”.


Our financial consultants are the lifeblood of our organisation. They are the face of our company, and provide financial advice that is personalised to each client’s unique financial needs and aspirations – they often become firm family friends of our clients, because of their sincerity and genuine desire to help clients achieve their goals.

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Our Teams

Behind the scenes, these are the professionals who ensure that Unicorn is truly professional in delivering our promises:

Investing Committee (InvesCo)

InvesCo is Unicorn’s decision-making committee. Its members have over a few decades of combined investment advisory experience and oversee half a billion of Assets Under Advice and Management (AUA and AUM).

The committee meets at least once per month. It analyses the global macroeconomic environment to determine optimal asset allocations for the times and operates Unicorn’s selection process to choose the optimal funds and securities to make up clients’ portfolios.

Our investment research team performs ongoing assessments of strategic macroeconomic environment and economic indicators, which assists InvesCo in determining optimal asset allocation strategies for portfolios.

The team also conducts research and analysis on mutual funds, ETFs and securities – identifying optimal investments and recommending them to InvesCo.

Patrick Tan
Robin Tan
Chua Hui Xin
Seow Kek Wee

Noel Ko
Jeriel Tang

Insurance Selection Committee (InSeCo)

InSeCo is Unicorn’s insurance selection committee. It consists of a group of experienced practitioners who are committed to keeping abreast of what’s on offer in the marketplace, and providing well-researched guidance to Unicorn’s consultants – informing them of which products best meet the needs of any particular client.

The team helps our practitioners by providing well-researched guidance and training, equipping them with the knowledge they need to design tailored wealth protection plans to meet clients’ needs.

Carol Sek (Convenor)
Alan Gan (Senior Research, Assessment)
Sam Peng Yew (Researcher, Assessment)
Rey Ho (Researcher, Assessment)
Enrico (Researcher, Assessment)

IBF-Accredited Training

IBF accredited programmes are designed to equip finance practitioners with competencies needed for their jobs. The programmes have a training and an assessment component and are subject to an independent and rigorous review by the IBF to ensure that the training institution and programmes meet industry standards.

Our trainers are indusrty experts who have many years of experience in the field of the training programmes.

Visit our Events/Training Page for more details of the upcoming training programmes.

Seow Kek Wee
Hermawan Christanto
Joe Tan
Kelvin Koo
Colin Lim

Head Office (“CPU”)

Finance Team

The finance team keeps accurate and timely track of the company’s inflows and outflows and provides management with prompt and accurate information to enable them to manage the company’s finances prudently.

Operations Team

The Operations team is the connector between the consultants and the providers of the various financial products and services clients have decided to use. We must keep track of all our clients’ data and information, the advice and recommendations we give them, and the transactions they place through us.

All this must be done promptly, accurately, retrievably and confidentially. Operations works to automate and digitise all these processes, and keep our service providing partners on their toes, so that consultants are empowered to deliver an ever-improving service to our clients.

Compliance Team

This department ensures that Unicorn adheres to external regulatory bodies and internal controls. They ensure that we meet key regulatory objectives set by MAS to protect investors and ensure that fair dealing take places in each transaction.

They also seek to reduce system risk and financial crime by keeping audits on all processes and systems across departments within the company. A major role they play is risk management within the organization. They identify risks that Unicorn faces and advises on how to avoid or address them.

IT Team

IT and the efficiencies it can bring are an increasingly important area of Unicorn’s life. We harness the skills and experience of external professionals to develop the facilities we need, using proven and reliable providers.

Client Services Support

Unicorn prides itself on delivering exceptional service to our clients. That is what keeps our business thriving and our clients forging a long-term relationship with us. Our experienced servicing team work closely with the consultants to provide the support that clients need. From policy servicing to addressing issues on investment queries, our client service team works round the clock to provide the solutions to our clients.

Media Team

Our media team keeps our followers updated on the different multi-media platforms that we are present on. They also ensure that important events are never missed and kept in shots to ensure that all these memories are captured for eternity. With all these beautiful moments, these are shared with you regularly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and our website. The media team gives you a window to the life as a client or a staff in Unicorn.