Unicorn is the only personal financial advisory company that is wholly dedicated to genuinely trustworthy and sustained care of clients. It is now also the most successful independently owned financial planning company in Singapore.

Our firm was established in 2005. In 2011, it was taken over by a team of industry veterans, led by Patrick Tan, Unicorn’s chairman. This entrepreneurial team created Unicorn with a clear vision – we would not be just another sales-based financial planning business but would build a team of like-minded professionals who delivered sincere and long-lasting care for clients.

We would believe in straightforward dealings and behave at all times with the utmost integrity. The founders had an unshakeable faith that:

  1. Every household and family would be more secure and prosperous with sound advice from a professional financial planner;

  2. Doing right by clients, to the best of our abilities, would deliver safety and prosperity to all stakeholders – which includes clients, the committed consultants who joined us, and the company;

  3. Unicorn must be long-lasting so that clients could be sure of the enduring presence of their adviser into the distant future, safely able to deliver on the long-term promises involved in authentic lifetime financial planning.

Unicorn has remained steadfast in its dedication to offering clients concerning care and conducting businesses with authenticity, trustworthiness, and the highest levels of integrity.

Today, the same leadership team continues to steer the company with the same purpose, direction and commitment. Every one of our clients deserves our undivided attention and individual care – because we consider every client a treasured member of the Unicorn family.

Who We Are

Our Vision, Mission & Values

01Our Vision

UFS business is built on 3 strong footings:

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To be sure that all our stakeholders – friends and clients, consultants, employees and shareholders - achieve their goals, we must be a financially sustainable organisation.

We accomplish this through prudent management of the company and with an organisational structure that maintains profitability for our business while also serving the best interests of our clients. We have consistently invested much of our profit back into the company to build a solid foundation for the future.

We want to see every family, every household, every individual on an upward career path, safe and prosperous, with the use of thoughtful financial planning.

As a financial institution, we are driven to contribute to society – and do so through financial education and financial coaching, which help our friends to take ownership of their long-term financial aspirations.

We embrace the personal and professional growth of both our clients and consultants. We believe that continuous adaptation is essential throughout every stage of life if goals are to be met successfully and on time.

To bring this vision to reality, our organisation provides financial education to clients, maintains regular contact with them to help them stay on course, and keeps our consultants at the forefront of our profession through consistent and frequent training and mentoring.

02Our Mission

Being the role model Financial Advisory Organization by being the No.1 in Professionalism & Profitability.

We envision being a role model in the financial advisory space and a brand that is respected for our dedication to integrity, professionalism and sustainable profitability.

03Our Values
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We respect our clients and appreciate the faith they place in us – and promise always to be open and honest in our communications and transactions. We take pride in doing the right thing.

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When we give clients our word, we do our utmost to stick to our promises. And we always work with our clients’ best interests in mind. If something goes wrong, we don’t avoid or hide the problem – we put it right with an apology and appropriate corrective action.

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We are sincere with our recommendations, only offering products and services that we, ourselves, trust and use.

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Everyone on our team is a dedicated, hardworking individual – our management and staff, and all our financial consultants. Just about everyone in Unicorn works here full-time.

Our Journey

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• Unicorn Financial Solutions was established in 2011 by Patrick Tan with Kevin Wilkinson, Robin Tan and Chua Hui Xin. We are licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

• We started with a team of 35 financial consultants.

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• In 2012, we grow to 50 financial consultants in the company.

• Our Total Assets Under Advice (AUA) crosses S$150million in the same year.

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• In 2013, we launch out Unicorn Intelligent Investing Services (UIIS), a security advisory service.

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• In 2015, we launch out another service, Unicorn Discretionary Management Service (UDMS), a portfolio management service.

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• Unicorn’s headcount reaches the 100 person mark in 2016.

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• Our Total AUA grows to S$250million in 2017.

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• Unicorn reaches a new milestone in the number of clients we have served – 10,000 clients.

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• UIIS achieves $30million AUA in 2019.

• The Unicorn Value Investment Portfolio Service (VIPS) achieves S$300million AUA in the same year.

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• Our total AUA crosses S$400million in 2020.

• In the same year, Unicorn started the very first IBF-Accredited investment training programme.